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Webb Dual Shade

WebbShade Dual Shade

WebbShade Dual Shade WebbShade Dual Shade

Solar Screen and Blackout Fabric Shade in ONE

Combine the privacy of blackout fabric with the soothing effects of light filtering solar screen fabric into one beautiful and functional shade.  Especially popular in labor and delivery, a dual shade provides control of both light and privacy for every situation. 

Exclusive Energy Saving Privacy Track

  • Our exclusive Energy Saving Privacy Track, combined with shade fabrics, block more than 80% of solar heat and 98% of harmful sunlight UV rays will lower both indoor temperatures and energy consumption at least 25-40%.
  • LEED Enhancing
WebbShade Dual Shade Drawing

Create a Healing Environment with a Dual Hybrid Shade

A healing atmosphere can improve the quality of life of the patient, visitors and staff. Interior Design is a major component in creating a therapeutic, aesthetically pleasing environment. Our Hybrid Shade combines function and wall art in one. Click to find out more about our Hybrid Shade.


Understand the physical design elements that impact the acceptance of the healing environment such as art, accessories, ceilings, color, floors, furniture/cabinetry, hardware, lighting, linens, music, plants, textures, upholstery, walls and wall coverings, window coverings and wood work.


Department of Veterans Affairs -
Interior Design Manual for New Construction and Renovations of Hospitals and Clinics

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