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Motorized Shades

WebbShade Motorized Shades

The solution for out of reach windows

Windows that are too high to reach, too large for manually operated shade, behind desks, tables, and office equipment can utilize Motorized Shades Systems powered by Somfy. Like our manually operated shades, motorized provide privacy, glare reduction and energy savings.


Features of Somfy Shade Motors

  • Wired Technology
    (power switch operation)
  • Radio Technology
    (power switch and remote operation)
  • Remote operated systems can control
    up to 16 shades
WebbShade Somfy Shade Motors

Exclusive Energy Saving Privacy Track

  • Optional guided track allows for taller shades to keep from telescoping, rattling and will not move with wind
  • Solar screen fabric blocks more than 80% of solar heat and 98% of harmful sunlight UV rays, lowering indoor temperatures. When combined with our exclusive Energy Saving Privacy Track, which enhances LEED® compliance, energy consumption can be reduced by at least 25-40%.

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