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    WebbLok Parts

    Part Name

    Part #

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    Standard Security Box WL-SSB  

    CLICK HERE for detailed WebbLok parts breakdown

    Psych Cordless Window Shades

    Angled Security Box WL-SB5A  
    Reduced Depth Angled
    Security Box

    Back Plate WL-SBK  
    Standard Bracket Plate WL-SBBKS  
    Slider Bracket Plate WL-SBBKSL  
    Bottom Rail (complete) WL-BR  
    Center Tube WL-CTU  
    Rods WL-RD  
    End Tip WL-ET    
    Finger Clip (pair) WL-FC    
    Center Spring WL-SP    
    End Tube WL-ETU    
    Finger Clip Screw 

    Finger Clip Screw (Security) WL-FCSS    
    WebbLok Track (Clear) WL-TRC    
    WebbLok Track (Bronze) WL-TRB    
    Roller Assembly (up to 50”) WL-RTU    
    Roller Assembly (50” – 70”) WL-RTU    
    Roller Assembly (70” and up) WL-RTU    
    Roller Wood Extension RWE    
    Bracket Plate (Fabric Valance) WL-1006    
        WebbLok Order Notes


    WebbGlide Parts

    Part Name

    Part #

    Enter Qty

    End Tip WG-ET  

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    parts breakdown

    Psych Cordless Window Shades

    Bottom Tube WG-BR  
    Track (Almond) WG-TRA  
    Track (Bronze) WG-TRB  
    Track (Silver) WG-TRS  
    ABS Valance (Almond) WG-AVA  
    ABS Valance (Bronze) WG-AVB    
    ABS Valance (Silver) WG-AVS    
    Bracket Plate (for fabric valance) WG-1006    
    Bracket Plate (ABS Val, Almond) WG-1006AVA    
    Bracket Plate (ABS Val, Bronze) WG-1006AVB    
    Bracket Plate (ABS Val, Silver) WG-1006AVS    
    Roller Assembly (up to 50”) WG-RTU    
    Roller Assembly (50” – 70”) WG-RTU    
    Roller Assembly (70” and up) WG-RTU    
        WebbGlide Order Notes


    WebbClutch Parts

    Part Name

    Part #

    Enter Qty

    End Tip WC-ET  

    CLICK HERE for detailed WebbClutch parts breakdown

    Psych Cordless Window Shades

    Bracket Plate (ABS Val, Almond) WC-1006AVA  
    Bracket Plate (ABS Val, Bronze) WC-1006AVB  
    Bracket Plate (ABS Val, Silver) WC-1006AVS  
    ABS Valance (Almond) WC-AVA  
    ABS Valance (Bronze) WC-AVB  
    ABS Valance (Silver) WC-AVS  
    Bracket Plate (for fabric valance) WC-1006  
    Track (Almond) WC-TRA  
    Track (Bronze) WC-TRS    
    Track (Silver) WC-TRB    
    Chain (Nickel) WC-NC    
    Chain (Stainless Steel) WC-SS    
    Chain (Plastic) WC-PL    
    Chain Connects/Stop Ball WC-CC    
    Roller Assembly WC-RTU    
    Roller Wood Extension RWE    
    Clutch - SLB 660 WC-CL660    
    Clutch - SLB 680 WC-CL680    
    Clutch - Dual WC-CLD    
    Idler WC-ID    
    Idler Heavy Duty WC-IDHD    
    End Tip WC-ET    
    Bottom Tube WC-BR    


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