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What People Are Saying About Us 

"These are made like iron. It's the only window covering that will work in a psych facility."
  Bob Randall, Director of Support Services
Montevista Hospital, Las Vegas, Nevada

“Broome has been using these shades for years in all living areas at the DC and the Tracy Creek program rooms. They hold up amazingly well to abuse. Very few have ever needed attention or replacement.”
  Mike Haruk, Director of Support Services
Broome DDSO Plant Superintendent, Binghamton, NY

“Our experience with WebbShade has been very positive. The product is very good, and customer service is excellent.”
John Hinkel, Owner
Hinkel, Inc., Monroe, NC

"We have had our WebbShades since 1997 and they have been practically trouble free.  We have them in 36 resident rooms in our LTC-B nursing home...The shades keep the light out when they are pulled down and their colors and designs enhance the appearance of the room.  After all these years they have not faded at all.  I am very impressed with their quality and durability.  I would highly recommend WebbShades for any window covering needs!"
  Gary Kennedy, Director of Plant Operations
St. Aloisius Medical Center, Harvey, ND

“Zero Maintenance. We don’t have to take them down to clean them. Nothing breaks. WebbShade is so much better than our verticals, which were always broken.”
  Jeff Siebels, Environmental Services Director
Perham Memorial Hospital & Home, Perham, Minnesota

“We have had the WebbLok window shades installed for a little over 10 years in our mental health units. Since then we have had new windows installed that were a little smaller than the original. This meant we had to cut the width of the shades down to fit the new windows with no problem. Over the years, besides tightening up a few screws here and there the shades have required little repair. WebbShade makes too good of a window shade system. This is good for me since I am the guy that has to repair them! As always, WebbShade is a great company and if you don’t have their shade system yet, get it.”

  Dave Schlecht,
Benedictine Hospital, NY
"Prior to installing Webb window shades the housekeeping staff wasted a lot of time looking for drapery that never seemed to fit they were either too short, too long or not wide enough as no two windows were the same. Patients and staff complained that the mechanisms did not work because the drapes covered large expanses and were very heavy to open and close which put a great deal of pressure on the traverse rod. They also complained that the sun was always shining in the face of the patient. We tried vertical blinds as well however noticed that the older they become the more brittle they are due to sunlight and it seemed like the middle blind always broke first allowing the sun to shine in the face of the patient. Patients and staff also complained about the mechanisms not working properly as they are easily jammed. In 2005 when we built a new patient pavilion we solved the problem installing WebbShade's easy to maintain window shades. I have not received a single complaint about the shades or the mechanisms, not to mention the time we saved not searching for the right size drape.”
  Lisa Meyer, Director - Environmental Services
Fisher Titus Medical Center, Norwalk, OH

“We did 7 patient buildings....The whole facility. Great products. Easy to maintain. Customer service is fantastic!”
  Jim Parr, Maintenance Supervisor
Elmira Psychiatric Center, Elmira, New York

“We did the whole unit. We really love the color and the safety. They really lighten up the rooms and they’re easy to use with just one hand.”
  Mary Fine, Nurse Manager
Ozark Medical Center, West Plains, Missouri

“We have not had any problems with our blinds since installation. I wish all products worked as well as yours.”
  Kathy Gonzales, Behavioral Health
Dominican Hospital, Santa Cruz, California

“The window treatments have been installed more than 12 years and they still look great today!”
  Jan Stubson, Interior Designer
VA Medical Center, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“Excellent service. WEBB stands behind their warranty without question.”
  David Newlon, Facilities Supervisor
Desert Regional Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

“These have been the most durable, trouble-free window coverings I have ever encountered. Have held up better than anything we have ever had.”
  Barbara Behrens, Environmental Svcs
Kino Community Hospital, Tucson, Arizona



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