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Chain Driven Shade

Manual operated shades for even the tallest windows. Heavy duty Rollease mechanism and spring assist available to enhance the simple to operate shade.


Features of Rollease Clutch-Skyline Series


Rollease Clutch Roller ShadesSleek, rounded end cap and no-notch fascia
        design for a more polished finish

Rollease Clutch Roller ShadesUniversal brackets available in standard and
        Dual Glide with multiple projections

Rollease Clutch Roller ShadesFiberglass-filled nylon construction provides
        long lasting durability

Rollease Clutch Roller ShadesRollEase's patented Velvetrol internal spring
        arrangement enables the spring tangs to
        apply a balanced force on both sides of the         shade simultaneously allowing for a         more smooth and even distribution of forces.

WebbClutch Rollease

Exclusive Energy Saving Privacy Track


Rollease Clutch Roller ShadesOptional guided track allows for taller shades to keep from telescoping,         rattling and will not move with wind

Rollease Clutch Roller ShadesSolar screen fabric blocks more than 80% of solar heat and 98% of harmful         sunlight UV rays, lowering indoor temperatures. When combined with our         exclusive Energy Saving Privacy Track, which enhances LEED compliance,         energy consumption can be reduced by at least 25-40%.


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