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Cordless WebbGlide Certified as 'Best For Kids' Window Treatments

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Cordless WebbGlide Window Shades Earns “Best For Kids” Certification

El Cajon, CA, March 7, 2016 – Corded window treatments have posed a strangulation hazard to children and developmentally disabled youth for decades. Now thanks to manufacturers like San Diego based WebbShade, cordless window treatments have become a proven solution in creating a safe window covering environment.

Their cordless shade is called “WebbGlide” – engineered to be long-lasting and maintenance free while ensuring privacy and safety – and has now been certified "Best for Kids" as a cord free, child-safe window shade. 

The first-of-its-kind “Best for Kids” certification is awarded by the Window Covering Safety Council whose mission is to educate consumers about potential window cord hazards. The WebbGlide shade was submitted to an independent lab, tested to ensure it met stringent criteria, and finally certified as a “Best for Kids” cordless window shade.

Mike Benbrook, President of WebbShade, says “when it comes to children, you need window treatments that guarantee privacy and protect against unfortunate accidents.”

Already used as a corded blind alternative, cordless WebbGlide shades are currently installed in youth oriented facilities such as:

• US Army Child, Youth, and School Services
• West Point Child, Youth and School Services
• DPSS/"First Five" (Dept of Public Social Services for Riverside County)
• Cairo-Durham Central School District

WebbShade is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of safe, easy-to-use WebbLok cordless shades for behavioral health and WebbGlide cordless shades for healthcare and education. Built tough and made in the USA since 1946, their cordless window shades have been supplied to Veterans Administration Medical Centers and government facilities worldwide for 40 years via GSA contract. In addition, WebbShade is proud that WebbGlide and WebbLok shades have been proven to provide years of maintenance-free use in developmentally disabled facilities, as well as hospitals, mental health centers, long-term care facilities, and universities throughout the United States. WebbShade stands behind their warranty without question. For more information, please visit webbshade.com, call 800-262-9322 or email info@webbshade.com.



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